About the Brand

Amber Summer was the realization of a new vision by entrepreneur Sonia Irvine, already founder and owner of the pinnacle global Formula 1 nightlife experience Amber Lounge. Amber Lounge has been the ultimate after-party experience since 2003, originally for theat the Monaco Grand Prix, and since expanding to Shanghai, Barcelona, Valencia, Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi, Austin and Mexico City.


Amber Summer takes the Amber Lounge experience beyond  Formula 1, with a day into night restaurant and lounge.

Signature cocktails (make this clickable to go to the cocktail page), and a spectacular dining menu, set in an stunning beachfront location.


Amber Lounge comprises:


Amber Hospitality – bespoke Grand Prix packages

Amber Lifestyle – organizes events and incentives outside the world of motorsport 

Amber Fashion – a lifestyle event which brings together the worlds of fashion, motorsport, and charity into one high octane weekend of entertainment.


More information on Amber Lounge: www.amber-lounge.com

Hospitality services: www.amber-lounge.com/hospitality

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Amber Summer is a unique seasonal dusk to dawn pop up with a keen focus on cocktails, exquisite food, and live entertainment within an intimate and versatile space.

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Amber Summer transforms the traditional cocktail into an experience. Our flair bartenders take stage – behind the bar or table side – to create a cocktail spectacle.

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Amber Summer creates bespoke menus with regional and global influences. From plates to shared menus, there is no element of the dining experience that our team cannot create.

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Amber Summer transforms non-traditional spaces into highly desired inviting spaces for after work cocktails, dining, and special events.